What is the best game created in the post-Soviet space?

The vast majority will call STALKER or Metro 2033, elderly folk’s individuals will recall Corsairs and Disease: Ideal world. Be that as it may, barely any individuals will recall the Legend of the Knight. Video rendition of the blog. With the whole Ruler’s Abundance series, it’s a bizarre story. The series is recollected and cherished, yet it never turned into a faction one.

In the hotly anticipated continuation – just 5,000 individuals played on the delivery, and I nearly didn’t track down audits on YouTube on old games. Perhaps the fact of the matter is that our kin some way or another like something more serious and hazier. All things considered, look, regardless of what game we have, it’s either a dystopian framework or a super sensible test system of something. Also, the Legend of the Knight is something else entirely. Very not the same as other homegrown tasks.

Ruler’s Abundance. The Legend of the Knight “has such a twofold name, in two dialects on the double – which is as it should be. Truth be told, this game is a continuation of the main game – Ruler’s Abundance (1990). Which was created by New World Registering, the organization answerable for the whole May and Enchantment primary line and the Legends of May and Sorcery branch-off. (Indeed, those equivalent Legends) Yet not at all like the “Legends” – “Imperial Honor” didn’t get a lot of distinction, wherever with the exception of the CIS, where this game experienced passionate feelings for individuals Such a lot of that mods and informal continuations emerged on it even after over decade.

File from structures for 2003

Abroad, throughout the long term, this game was totally neglected, and the NWC organization had previously failed at that point and the privileges to its licensed innovation went from one hand to another. Thus, it isn’t is to be expected that in 2007 1C gained the privileges to the name Lord’s Abundance at some representative cost. So indeed, The Legend of the Knight is, according to a legitimate perspective, a totally lawful continuation of the first game. Albeit presently it would prefer to be named as a “profound successor.”

Legend of the Knight turned out in April 2008 and was created by the Kata Uri Intuitive group, the name presumably doesn’t let you know anything, yet remember that they are basically similar individuals liable for Space Officers. What is the Legend of the Knight? At a fundamental level, this is a combination of two kinds: turn-based technique, in the style of “legends” and exemplary pretending game. Yet, prior to discussing the interactivity in more detail, I need to say: The visuals in this game are essentially stunning!






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