Slot Overview: Buster’s Bones

‘Ride down the dusty back roads of a never-ending canyon and immerse yourself in the naughty world of Buster’s Bones,’ says the game’s official description created by NetEnt, a seasoned developer of online casino games. Buster’s Bones is a Wild West meets wild pooches extravaganza full of puppy-riddled escapades that awards the player with a Buster’s Bones feature, the Random bonuses, free spins, and the chance to make a bonus buy.

Taking place in the aforementioned canyon, a setting that might easily accommodate some Hanna-Barbera Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote-style action, Buster’s Bones is a visual treat. To make Road Runner asleep, you could paint a large black half-circle on the wall, but instead of seeing stars, the bird would run down a tunnel. The moment Wile E. looks up, a vehicle leaps out and slams into his face. Or at least something similar to that. Back up there… To return to Buster’s Bones, which seems delicious, the canine antics in the film are sure to be a hit against the picturesque canyon setting.

Now that we know they qualify as a cutesy, we can examine them more closely. There are three possible RTPs, the highest of which is 96.07%, and a medium/high volatile mathematical model. If at least five identical symbols appear next to each other in either the horizontal or vertical directions on a 6×6 game grid, the player wins. The Avalanche mechanism kicks in whenever a player is successful, clearing the board of the winning symbols. If a new cluster is formed, the game restarts with an avalanche of new and remaining symbols falling to fill the voids. Bets ranging from 10 pence to £/€200 may be placed on any device, inviting anybody who is game to participate in the fun. Buster’s Bones’ lower-paying symbols are playing card suits written on wooden squares, while the game’s highest-paying icons are three dogs with contrastingly colored backgrounds (green, blue, and purple).

Features of Buster’s Bones Slot Machine

The Buster bonus symbol is also significant. The Buster’s Bones bonus round begins if one of these appears on the reels and there is also at least one bone special symbol in view. After being triggered, Buster will run frantically around the screen, stopping to pick up bones, which will change the reels’ symbols into wilds. Wilds are used to replace non-paying symbols. Buster, who doubles as a wild, calculates a win multiplier by adding together the values of the bones acquired. Buster employs the multiplier to increase payments when he contributes to a win while he sleeps. Buster and his multiplier disappear when the spin ends, however they might theoretically return in a future spin.

Disjointed Elements

When this peculiarly called feature kicks off, bones and the Buster icon are tossed onto the grid alongside the reels. As previously mentioned, the Buster’s Bones feature will activate if Buster appears alongside at least one bone symbol.

No Risk Turns

Two Free Spins scatters and one Buster symbol anywhere on the reels trigger eight free games. This drama, instead of taking place in a canyon, is set in a cozy pub. Buster will continue to hop around the reels until the conclusion of the free spins bonus round, gathering bones to increase the multiplier, which will be reset once the bonus is through. During the bonus game, you can win an additional one, two, or three free spins depending on how many Free Spins scatters appear.

Add-On Purchase

If you don’t want to, you can skip waiting for the 2 scatters and 1 Buster to show up by themselves. However, for an additional 60x the wager, you may skip the line and go straight to the saloon for the free spins bonus game.

Slot Verdict: Buster’s Bones

Earlier in the review, we said that NetEnt has been around for a while, and anybody who has managed to succeed in the cutthroat world of online gambling must be doing something right. The issue with gamblers, and really about humans in general, is that they have a wide variety of preferences, interests, risk/reward thresholds, etc. I apologize if I’ve said the obvious; I’m only looking for a way to set up Buster’s Bones’ conclusion. What we’re getting at is that Buster’s Bones have a unique combination of traits that might either endear them to specific players or turn them off entirely.

Perhaps the largest cloud is cast over the 973x the bet possibility of the medium/high math model. Even if huge winning totals aren’t everything, the maximum victory seems a bit low compared to the other statistic. Especially considering Buster’s skillful evasion of the multiplier during free spins. It’s hard not to feel bad for the guy, considering all his scurrying around isn’t going to amount to very much in the big picture. Maybe Buster’s Bones is in keeping with the long and tragic history of cartoons that make fun of or even torture animals. Buster is in good company, including the aforementioned Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote as well as Tom and Jerry, Daffy Duck, and many more besides.

Do we risk going too far with this? Sure are, but the hilarious canine cast of Buster’s Bones served as the creative catalyst. Their fuzzy lap dog attitude makes them an appealing choice for gamers who value likability above a maximum victory number that strives to emulate a national debt clock.






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