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Slot Machine Analysis: Megaways Floating Dragon

Adding the Megaways feature is a common approach to improve an existing online slot game. The Floating Dragon Megaways slot game by Pragmatic Play takes this strategy. Among streamers in particular, the first Floating Dragon game was a smashing success for the developer. So, Pragmatic Play is going back to the game and giving it a facelift. Is the Megaways mechanism the only new feature, or are there others as well? Check out my review of the Floating Dragon Megaways slot machine.

Megaways Slot Machine with a Flying Dragon Theme

The aesthetic of the original slot game was meticulously replicated in Floating Dragon Megaways. The slot machines offer a gorgeous atmosphere because of their location high above the clouds. The game has an Asian theme, and the symbols on the reels include things like dragons, carp, and butterflies. A stunning Asian woman appears at the side of the reels but contributes nothing to the action. All of this is accompanied with music that’s easy on the ears and contributes to the relaxing vibe of the machine. It’s the kind of background music that makes you want to keep the reels spinning without immediately hitting the mute button.

The Floating Dragon Megaways Slot Machine and How to Play

The floating dragon megaways idea is brilliantly implemented in this game. There are a total of 6 reels in play, and each one may fit as many as 6 different symbols. There are three further rows located above the first set of reels. All of them have varying activation times throughout the game. The total number of possible winning combinations in this slot machine may go as high as 147,456, which is much greater than the Megaways slot industry benchmark of 117,649.

The Floating Dragon Megaways slot machine, like many others in the series, features a Cascading Wins bonus round. When a player gets a winning combination, the symbols vanish and new ones fall into position. Nothing stops this until there are no more possible winning combinations.

Players may place bets from $0.20 and $250 on a single spin, a much wider betting range than even the greatest slot machines provide.

Extras for Playing the Floating Dragon Megaways Slot

The Floating Dragon Megaways has a variety of additional features that can increase your wins and enjoyment of the game.

The first type of random symbol is the Mystery Symbol. When they do, they’ll all change into the same symbol and add to your winnings.

The Fish Symbol is another sort of sign worth looking out for. These can show payouts anywhere from 2x to 25x the initial wager. However, they do not function outside of the Free Spins Bonus. Players need to get three or more Scatter Symbols to set this off. When three, four, five, or six Scatters appear, the player is awarded 10, 15, 20, or 25 bonus spins. During the course of the round, any Fish icons on the board will sink to the bottom. When a Lady Symbol lands, they are gathered up. When four Lady Symbols appear, ten free spins are added to the player’s total. When a Lady arrives on a board without any Fish already there, some may be generated at random.

Hold & Spin Round is the additional bonus. When three Coin Symbols appear, the launch sequence begins. They become immovable, and you receive three free spins. If more coins fall throughout the round, they will remain in position and the spin counter will be reset to zero. During the course of the round, diamonds may be added, each of which may contain a larger reward. After the respin rounds have concluded, all of the accumulated coins and diamonds are distributed to the winners. If the payout is less than 20x, you get three free spins.

You may even be able to purchase your way into the Bonus Spins or Hold & Spin bonus, depending on your area.

The Return to Player, Max Payout, and Volatility of the Floating Dragon Megaways Slot

The tally for Floating Dragon Megaways is equally impressive. The slot machine has a generous maximum payout of 20,000 times the initial wager. The maximum return to player (RTP) version of the game is higher than that of even the best online slots, coming in at 96.70%. Prior to beginning, you should verify the game’s version to ensure you’re not playing a less-recent build. The slot is known for its extreme volatility.

Slot Machine Overview: Floating Dragon Megaways

The Floating Dragon Megaways video slot delivers all that is expected from a modern Megaways game. Everything that made the first game so enjoyable is here, plus more. The slot machine game is packed with impressive extras and promising payouts. In addition, the game’s aesthetic is great, making it a pleasure to spin the slot machine. We highly recommend playing this slot machine at your preferred online casino.






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